Install Your Citizens Digital Certificate

Citizens Insurance has implemented a new fast, easy and secure way to receive and keep your motor insurance certificate. Going forward, you have the option of our Citizens Digital Certificate that can be saved on your phone for convenient proof of insurance. See below how to install your new Citizens Digital Certificate.

Only the request info should be send to:
WhatsApp: +297 594-4992
Call: +297 582-4990 or 594-4992
Visit our office at Dominicanessenstraat 5

  • Download the “WalletPasses” App on your mobile device via Playstore for android users. Please note that Apple ios users will have the “Wallet” app factory installed by Apple. “Wallet” is an app designed to store secure files on your mobile device.
  • A link for your Citizens Digital Certificate will be delivered to you via your email app on your mobile Device.
  • Click the link to which will install your Citizens Digital Certificate to your Phone’s “Wallet” app.
  • Open your “WalletPasses” or “Wallet” app to find your Citizens Digital Certificate.
  • Click on the Citizens Logo.
  • You will see your Citizens Digital Certificate which can be used to show proof of insurance anywhere which requires you to do so.